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Crochet Cherry Blossom

For this How-To you will need to know some basic crochet skills.  Just starting out?  Contact me with questions and I am more than happy to help! 

ch- chain
sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
*- repeat from here

This simple flower may look innocuous on its own, but works great as an embellishment, and grouped together it can make quite an impact.  This is also a great starting off point for creating your own flowers!

Chain 4, sl st in first ch to form a ring.

Round 1:  10sc inside circle, sl st in first sc.  
Tip: Put your hook through the circle and pull your yarn back through the circle and up, then sc as usual.
Make sure not to sc over your first sc, as this forms a very tight 10sc.

Round 2:  *ch3, skip next stitch, sl st in next stitch* repeat for a total of 5 times.
Tip: These ch3's form the anchor for your petals.

Round 3:  *sc into next ch3 space, 3dc, sc* repeat in each ch3 space around.  sl st into first sc and pull tail through stitch to secure.  Leave a long tail if you intend to sew.  Yeah!  Now you have a pretty little flower!

Some ways I have altered this flower to make variations:

• In Round 3, instead of *sc, 3dc, sc* I instead make more pointed petals by doing this *sc, dc, tc, dc, sc* (tr-triple crochet)

• To make a two toned flower, change yarns after you complete Round 2.  The best way I find to do this is to keep your crochet hook in your last stitch, cut your first color yarn with about an inch tail and tie your second color yarn to the tail close to your hook as possible.  Then pull your second color yarn through your stitch and Voila! 

•To make a larger flower, double your yarn and crochet the flower the exact some way holding both strands of yarn together.  Use the same color to make a monochromatic flower or experiment holding two different colors together!

A Tip:  Sewing tails into my flowers (or anything really) after I am finished drives me CRAZY!  Just when I think I am done, I see little strands of yarn sticking out all over and I cringe.  So, instead of leaving it to end, I always try and take the time while I am making something to crochet my tails into the piece.  For example, after making your ch4 circle, you will have a tail.  I hold the tail along the edge of my ch4 and do my 10sc OVER the tail.  The tail disappears into the sc's.  If you are changing colors, you will have 2 tails from the change knot.  I do the same thing and hold these tails along the edge of the ch3 and make my petal over them.  It take a couple more seconds to do this but I always find it worth it!

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